Shawty Shawty (Caitlin's Song)

by boy wonderrr

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I made this song about having sex with someone that I have never had sex with, and tbh I hope I never do but yknow accidents happen.

Thanks for donating to my Pledge Me cause Caitlin, I hope you enjoy this mingey song I made for you. Sorry it took so fucking long. Video coming soon.

This is probs gonna be part of my new album.


i met her at my party
she was down to get naughty
we were both boys dressed as guys
i sized her up checked out her outfit
i suppose i was down to get dirty
cos when i got her in her nighty
i thought damn shawty
shawty wanna get high on my wick
tonight like
shawty wanna wanna ride that stick like
whats the difference? she's indifferent
to a dick or a clit -
it's all the same to this shawty
she so naughty, she got caughty
in between my sheets
so say hello to boy wonderrr in three two weeks

ooh i wanna dance with somebody
ooh i wanna feel the heat with somebody
ooh i wanna dance with somebody
with somebody who fucks me

this girl she so wacky
but she only smoke tabaccy
im feeling tacky when i just wanna be -
her pussy lackey, but actually
trigger happy, happy to trigger her fancy
while i tickle her fanny, every nook and cranny
face stretched like Modigliani
as she coming from my hanndy
its uncanny and thankfully
this is my speciality of my sexuality
theres no immorality to being
inproportionately adept
at bein' so good at head
her pussy's the messiah; jesus wept,
as i dive for the depths.


released May 21, 2013
F Desmarais and W Houston (kind of)



all rights reserved