So Inspiring N Shit

by boy wonderrr

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released December 16, 2012



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never been good at gymnastics
but i can see you are elastic
which i think is fantastic
given the bombastic way you're looking at me
its making me free and keen I'm not mean
i'll do anything you want me to do
look at me here dancing with you
its true i never seen a girl so pretty
I'm no mona lisa but at least I'm witty
its a pity i only just metty you right now
lets run away get a house and meow meow
heres your fur baby or maybe not
lets just party and drink til this week is out
i got my friends over there and your friends over here
cato wants to play spin the bottle i don't even care
lets kiss each other love each other get under covers
we in trubba with our mummas
so mean to our kidneys

we get more intimate than bobby and whitney…

more stylish than susannah and trinny
those horse faces they never stop to whinny
i aint even finny
let a bitch wear whatever a bitch wants

girl you look fly in everything but crocs
really, they're disgusting

now i am mustering
every ounce of liquid courage in my liver
girl you've got me all a-quiver
unequivocally the prettiest girl I've ever seen
dance with me i'll be your queen you be my queen.

y'all bitches and hoes got nothing on me
i arose like jesus from the holy sea
i released an ep over one weekend
imagine how good ill be by the end of lent
i won't be giving up rap though thats for sure
cos as long as there is cancer
I'm the cure
Track Name: So Inspiring N Shit
yo yo
gotta keep shining gotta keep smiling
fuck that shit ill give you a hiding
$20 cask and i'll be nice to you
forever be true just me and my brew
neva had a girl who loved me truly
probe cos my charms unruly
then i met myself and i was like holy shit
i hit the jackpot, crackpot, what a lotta tack tock
rocking round the clock concealing no glock

i'm not hood, this lock down got shot down
i was unhappy, crappy, i turned a little sappy
in my nappies haven little fappys and frappes
thinking how'd i get this far when i don't even know me
show me blow me i can't get more lonely
I'm phoney, if only, i knew where to go me
do i wanna be a doctor or a funny guy
do i want papers or to have them honeys fly
it sucks when you're in bed all you do is cry
cos you aint got nothing and you wanna die
don't wanna meet no body I'm so shy
at first it was cute but now you know why
I'm so afraid, my bed is made
now i gotta lie
in it
but sometimes i just wish life would hold on a minute

sometimes im still there at the window with you
it scared me because i didn't know what you'd do
no clue its true our love was blue
but its okay you know why I'm okay and you're alright
i still think theres a light shining out your ass
and I'm glad that we met in class
and I'm so glad for the time we spent together
that day on the island beautiful weather
and whatever
happens down the line
you know id be there in time
cos I said id always be by your side
but anyway i don't want to dwell
now that everything is so swell, i hope to travel
i wanna go to india or iran
just kidding as if id last a darn in iran
but ill be on the bbc one day
wave through the camera hey mum I'm okay
and ill say I've come a long way but theres still heaps to go
now this song is as sappy as i never wanted it to be
i think its the piano so inspiring you and me
ill leave but i just wanted to say
I'm kinda glad i got to live another day