Sometimes I Read And Sometimes I Get Stephen Fry To Do It For Me

by boy wonderrr

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shitty shitty rap rap
shout out 2 dogs

the weirdest track ive made yet i think. some sick beats though, and some good as tongue clicking click clock ya know

i hope the volume of the vocals is more satisfactory to franz such as jacqui.


i am real i am not fake
i'm just your moms reason to masturbate
that is not a euphemism I'm just jizzin everywhere
so orgasmic what I'm on about isn't clear
cmere cmere baby over here
an ass like that like a gem pretty rare
my rents in arrears
ill allay your fears
I'm not eminem but i can be your minaj
by the look in your eyes you want a trios menage
its on your mind and its not like I'm not unkind
let me be you we can role play
god look at you baby you're so gay
let me help you relax and unwind
cos i am a real life rapper
real nice dapper dandy camp lady boy man child
ya mums divorce is filed
with nungs not guns
I'm invading your personal spaces
man you're racist, classist
like atilla the hun buy a face with money
you're the queen and I'm the honey

and some other stuff


released March 23, 2013
featuring track "Honey & Queen" by American Royalty