Daddy'z Munny

by boy wonderrr

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released November 3, 2012

freya desmarais



all rights reserved
yo I've done some things I'm not proud of
like that time i's in the bolsheviks and killed the romanovs
but if there is a god up in that sky way high above
please let me get this project in with some time to spare
i don't care heres some snare if you dare be aware
i just wanna party but instead i am a square
hoveled here in my house rent $640 a month
mayn imagine how much drugs i could get in my little mouth
for that price it aint right but i gotta do wail
gotta go to law skool i will die if i fail
i wanna be a rappa but my daddy says well
i don't wanna see you ending up bummed out in jail
I'm a middle class vagabond off the beaten trail
but my poppa still puts that check in the mail
I've gone stale i eat it like an asshole
puckering and suckering on the family dole
this isn't a life this isn't life this is hell

i always feel guilt for the position i'm in
first world problems the crowd is in a mellow din
while I spin i dunno why i'm so fucked up
do i have the right when my life is so lucked up
cups up it runneth over and i still i wanna fly away
way up high to get away before i betray any true feelings
or vulnerability see the problem for me is that i do it easily
without knowing to protect myself i never check myself
before i wreck myself or disinfect myself from the bullshit
i smash hard and fast into tempered glass
and i feel it crack and shatter all over me
i wanna flee just wanna be free i don't even know me
sometimes gets so lonely without any cronies
let me get away let me get away let me get away and high five the next
high rise i see in the suburbs i i didn't learn to drive
no no no one told me i'd never survive but i nearly died
what the fuck who the fuck was that so far away
from the little boy wonder from arataki
primary school the only hood I've ever been in
i been thin i been fat and i know that i should be grateful
for everything i have but whats the point in living if i never knew what i had
Track Name: Aro Valley Party
y'all ready
hitch up your britches and
party bitches

when you grow up in tauranga you learn two things
the first is to be white and accumulate rings
i went to a school at decile one
then flash skool yeah I'm still dumb
young dumb and full of cum
lesbian cum it isn't really done
like lesbian cock off the clock
it exists like my employment does
and that girl oh how she loves
me and brie and cheese and things
have a whine over a wine let's get drunk and fuck
then later we'll get marriage equality
so we can fuck a duck fuck a duck fuck a duck
with a bit of luck we can fuck a duck
how exciting to live in a liberal democracy
with not ever an inkling of hypocrisy
so topical its tropical totally optical i'm unstoppable
it's a monsoon coming soon hot up inside these bitches
hitch up yo britches we gonna party with our riches
til we need stitches aint got no time for snitches
only hoes and bitches fuck yeah

aro valley party
ten dollar wine and cigars
we ton party
aro valley party
we aint got no money

everything you need from shalimar
would drive down but don't have a car
plus i vote green yeah i mean and clean and lean
and wearing sneans
go see nalini go home have a martini
or a glass of the wine like cat piss
one sip and i think I'm ludacris
do a duet with bieber then i leave her
that was a low blow just jokes he so bo-ho
but its all good my legs are feeling shaky and i might see my baby
she's got double ds and love to please
but I'm a tease with no good reas - on
and I've got five diamond rings on
so bling bling my banks like ching ching I'm the king
nah just kidding I'm dirt poor
got no bed so lets fuck on the floor

aro valley party
Track Name: Feminizm Can B Sexc 2
hey baby how you doing tonight
all i wanna do is treat you so right
light some candles if you like
book us first class flights
on the love plane we gon get high tonight
you see I'm a feminist that shit is tight
what I'm all about is women's rights
so sit back relax look i put on some tights
but only cos i wanna not cos i feel i need to subscribe to a construction of beauty or femininity
no no it's all for you and all for me
not the patriarchy

feminism! feminist!
feminism! feminist!
that's a butt i'd like to kiss!
feminism! feminist!

hey darling watchu reading right there
don't worry baby you've no need to fear
ill never leave you unless you want me to i won't go
i just love a woman who's into foucault
go ahead, read some greer, just so long u know
to use those critical thinking skills upon your dome
see we're white and middle class totally catered
to, so of course we're also tertiary educated too.
lucky us look at us we're more aware
of our privilege baby come over here
you're looking so nice today so good you make me wanna stare
except i wouldn't objectify you, i'd never dare

feminism! feminist!
feminism! feminist!
that's a butt i'd like to kiss!
feminism! feminist!