Mighty River Shares

by boy wonderrr

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fuckin problems mayn
all ma fuckin problems mayn


I'm nice but I'd rather not be
Wanna be friends with Nicki like that Kree bitch
off tv she looks heaps like melanie lynskey.

and here's a bit of fancy free fun facts for your brain hats -
i was with tom the night i met her pussy flaps.

yeah its true, yeah you like trivia? it makes your widdle labia quivia?
i can wiggle ya, its my proclivia, no chylamydia or ill be rid of ya

drinking cranberry and gin i dunno if thats gangsta
don't worry ill just ask fifty am i a wanksta?
he said yes but don't fret then he made me so so so wet
which was real confusing
cos aint met him yet

Tryna giddee up these bitches while they chew on my bridle
maybe ill audition for x factor or idol
but I'm way too idle, sometime suicidal, toddle waddle wicked sidle
like a clydesdale. them lil horses. of courses.

yo so much to do, and i aint got a clue, so just do it
Getting overwhelmed by this mountain I'll screw it
I slew it last month but where am I now like
Sitting in this lounge trying to speak with no sound like
Here I am I'm doing my thing but ya know

there's no money
There's no diamond rings like I don't even know where I meant to be like
Where do I gotta go to get the best of me, like, best for free cos bro
got no money can't even 420
and yeah fuck you nah i didn't used to like it and now I do,
mostly thanks to Jnr, I love you boo, baby boo, baby boy blue
him and his crew
in the trees at camp getting high as motherfuckers you know how they do
weed so blue mix it up with some scrumpy and pies get scrumpified while i testify t-t-t-testify
blink's so fly like if i ever die let it be here in this weather but lets make camp last forever
i don't wanna grow up ever
i don't wanna be clever ever ever ever ever ever
lets make this vow now and forever
trevor endeavour; james cook we're bonded; leather leather leather.
i don't wanna get a job i don't want the fair weather.
and feather feather fuck you square cunts imma lick heather,
then she'll tether me to a tree out in journey then she'll have her way with me.
I'm off topic, er, so let me see, can't set me free without this testimony, chestimony, your breasts are moany, like john key's broghny,
who by the way that cunt's a cunt
and we should put that motherfucking pig runt back in his mums cunt
just shove him back up its so munt-ed pay him off with a lump sum and be rid of that munty cunt runt political shyster cronie miester him n his bears like
Now I'm getting too angry and no body cares like
but how am i to react when i find out my parents are buying mighty river shares?

fuckin problems mayn
fuckin problems

fuckin problems mayn
fuckin problems

i did a gig at pups there were like seven people there
i did a show in AK there were like five people there
then one more that i let in for free, so what does that mean for me?
well i should be an actor rapper and get double digits
or i could stay at home, watch cowboy builder, download widgets.

i fidget cos i aint got a girlfriend to hold my hand
or go down on me man
no more hookers. no more mothers. no more russians, no more lesbians,
that leaves me with a fucking boring life as a thespian
ill run away, become a presbyterian,
get probed by extra terrestrians and ill like it
be like mark todd; equestrian
live a life so pedestrian ill name my first born footpath sidewalk wonderrr and wander around wondering where my life went.
i don't know
tempted to
get bent
and then i
oh yeah i
am at least i can get married now but aint no bitch want these tits,
i get fat i get thin i get fat i get thin
and i think what the fuck is this song cos i
gotta grow my hair long gotta grow my hair long
then i confuse the hair on my head with the hair on my minge oh cringe motherfuckers I'm bald with a huge bush like george bush when he's old
and getting head from barbara, i gotta see the barber, sort this shit out cold
motherfather what even is this song about talofa lava

fuckin problems mayn. fuckin problems


released April 21, 2013



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