I am MC Rezpecktfool

by boy wonderrr ft Totems

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Ma man TOTEMS was kind enough to lend me his wicked track 'BUNNY' off his album FORT 20 for this song. Make sure you head over there and check him out, 'cause his beats is swaggie, he is a fully sikk beat-makerrr totems.bandcamp.com/album/fort-20


Yo yo
I love women, they’re not bitches
Bitches are dogs and dogs are lovely anyway
Have you met one? Wagging they tail whenever you say
D’ya wanna go for a walk? That shit is delightful
Like a picnic with mum and not being spiteful
But caring and loving, no drugs man I’m high on life
All I want is a house and a wife, my squire I aint a liar
Wanna settle down watch Millionaire with Maguire
Deal or no deal motherlover, that shit rocks
I’m always all like, yo, whats in that box? Could it be the 200 thousand
I dunno, hey after this show, do you wanna do some blow
I mean I gotta cold man, I need to blow my nose
Do you like my flows? I hope you do, I like em but I’m not
Gonna demand I’m the best, like maybe I am and maybe I’m not
But I love my fellow rapper, gonna pop a cap of love in his ass
And I don’t mean ejaculation, I’m not gay, it was all in the past
You see I’m not homophobic, that shit is for dicks
Well not gay dicks obviously, that would be counterintuitive
Saying that straight dicks and gay dicks aren’t one in the same
All this fully sikk rapping and I forgot to tell you my name
MC Rezpektfool. Respect, fool. MC Rezpektfool.
Remember it… or don’t, it is totally up to you
I am not the boss of you
I am MC Rezpecktfool and I am very respectful.


released April 22, 2013
Produced by TOTEMS
lyricz n rapz by boy wonderrr



all rights reserved