by boy wonderrrr

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shitty ass rap yo enjoy :D


smart girls heart girls who gonna be smart girls
thou art girls who wanna be next to its true
i can't get enough of you lets get together under blue moons
and just spoon nah I'm just kid din i wanna be on top of you
naked like we were always born to look at chu girl
my heads all a swirl cos you the kind girl who i could talk to
girl id buy you all types of salami
if you will just talk me some murakami
salinger, capote, i love that shote
i just want you to show me how much of a homie
you are with plath lets take a bath and read to one another
fiction or non, i won't dom innate you
i love your literary choices
girl we'd have the bestest coitus
i wanna kiss you cos you know stuff insane
its like I'm kissing your real good brain
i really like you smart girls,
i like girls who get angry girls who have passion
third on that list is a sense of fashion
but I'm not shallow i like brains more than boobs
rachel maddow owns you noobs
so to all the smart girls
i love you a lot
freya for you dot dot dot
at school its written on my books
that I'm crazy about how big your brain looks

and la la la la la
i will never ask you out
la la la la la
i am not smart
i am art
please ask me out
pub-please ask me out
out out please ask me out! woo!

hey smart girls I'm back for a second verse
yeah I've got pretty good stamina
yeah I'm kind of a big deal
but you're a bigger deal…yeah. hubba bubba baby

you can do physics
to me thats like mystics
talk me some dirty mathematics
and ill give you bedroom acrobatics
you know linguistics
well this lines too easy yes its about cunning linguists
how cliched is that I'm so sorry
I'm not obsessed with that, just you, you stole my heart

bright girls fight girls who mighta been trite girls
outta sight girls for real
girl in your reading glasses you so sexy imma squeal
you make wanna me dance like baby in mcbeal
all around your intelligence
i don't wanna miss events
mathletes baby I'm there to support
cos you know i aint ever do that sport
i respect you
and your big brain
come over here
let's get wiggy, nah, piggy, nah, biggy smalls with it
nah that aint right aint nothing tight
in this song except your jeans
i mean what i seen is your breen in yor heed yeah
not that nice shape of your body
nuh uh
nah i mean it like smart girls are hot
but then i have hormones too you know
in fact I'm sure they haven't subsided since puberty


released November 30, 2012
freya desmarais



all rights reserved